royal blue bead and silk cuff

The meaning of ‘tie one on’ refers to some form of getting drunk.


I’m offering a different meaning and spelling:

Tye One On – getting drunk on life, living your passion, celebrating your unique Self. Why not get drunk on Life, on every moment, with passion and spirit? When you Tye One On with a piece of my jewelry, wear and enjoy it with power, boldness, and full spirited aliveness!

Why Tye One On?

"Wear something that says 'here I AM today!'"
Iris Apfel

A student of calligraphy, acrylic painting, numerology, tarot, astrology, runes, and a licensed practitioner emeritus of Science of Mind, I incorporate my spiritual and artistic abilities into my creative endeavors.

When I am happy with the final creation, I am done, complete. I love doing what I am doing.


I love sharing my creations with you, as a reminder of your own spiritual uniqueness and qualities of love, peace, joy, abundance and power.

"What is done in love, is well done."
Vincent Van Gogh

About MySelf

"Jewelry has the power to be the one
thing that makes you feel unique."
Elizabeth Taylor

Combining different elements – natural and polished stones, raw minerals, crystals, beads, found objects, leather, cording, sari silk, buttons, clay, metals (silver, copper, brass), inspiring words –

creates pieces that  say ‘special, unique, bohemian bling, personal.’ I’m always looking for possibilities to make something from nothing, what was, now becomes a one of a kind piece, reminding you of your own uniqueness.

About My Jewelry

"Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!"
earth mandala

"Remember, darling,

jewelry prevents headaches"

voices mandala

"Give a girl the right jewelry and she

can conquer the world" Marilyn Monroe

Blingtastic - adjective, when a piece of jewelry is as shiny as it is fantastic.

bohemian mandala